Customer service is essential to attract and retain customers to any business. Word of mouth referrals often make or break companies, and bad service reviews may be the death knell for an enterprise. Mystery Shopper services act as a real customer, testing the customer service experiences at your business. From the responses, we compile a detailed report allowing you to make changes as needed before you lose customers in the highly competitive Internet shopping world.

Let me give you an example from my life, to show why website owners and managers must know what their customers are experiencing. Every month, I make an automatic payment from a current account at Barclay’s Bank to Barclaycard Visa. Last month, the payment was not made, so Visa charged me a late payment fee and an interest charge.

My contact with Visa was friendly. I explained the situation, and they cancelled the late payment fee. Contact with the bank was also cordial. After I again explained the situation, including the response from Visa, the bank refunded the interest charge. They made a payment of £25 as a friendly gesture to resolve the matter. These are examples of great customer service from two very large companies.

The next experience involves another huge company, Google. I received a voucher from Google Ads, worth £75 to start an account. I opened an account and received the confirmation email. I added the voucher details as directed, but nothing appeared in the account. I tried twice to contact Google via their customer contact form but have received no reply. Contact to the Google Account Manager On-line Marketing manager has also produced no response. The Ads voucher has now expired.

I was pleasantly surprised at the responses from Barclay’s Bank and Barclaycard Visa, and now have a more positive feeling about those companies. On the other hand, Google made an offer but failed to respond to my requests for assistance. I will now cancel the Google Ads account, and I have a more negative feeling about their service.

When a potential customer finds that your product or company fails to live up to your expectations, you have recruited a negative marketer to work for your business. Their negative reviews or negative statements to others will affect people seeking your services.

Our Mystery Shopper services act like that potential customer, as a typical visitor. We give you a detailed report on our experiences, unlike most average customers. We have found that if you do not care, it shows in your client service and throughout your business. Eventually, your business may fail.

Modern customers use the Internet to find products, suppliers, services and information. Competition is intense for Internet business. If a visitor considers your website, you have one chance to turn that visitor into a customer.

Let us help you make that happen. Contact us now for more details based on the individual needs of your company.

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