These days many retailers and businesses are running their own website and online store, in addition to a physical brick-and-mortar location. A mystery shopping visit can find more customers.Due to this move the consumers now have a wider range of contact points with the business. Covid-19 has made this move to online sales accelerate.We help businesses offer great and consistent shopping experiences. Business owners as well as staff need to know how consumers are perceiving their business site. Does it have good usability?, and the whole experience of browsing the website.Our Mystery Shoppers will help you and your business marketing team understand these experiences. This gives you an edge when dealing and responding to the customer and you can maximize the performance of your online business.

Online Mystery Shopping is a technique used by business managers and marketers to know what image their company is projecting. To its customers through usability and performance of their business/e-commerce website and online support systems.Our “shopping” team shows you how people experience your products or services through your website. We also compare the experience of your customers with that of your competitors.We are a leading mystery shopping agency with representation in different markets and regions of the world. Our advisors are experts within many industries which, along with our knowledge.We offer you a deep understanding of the customer service experience delivered on your business website.


Measuring the Online Shopping Experience

Through mystery shopping online a mystery customer visits your website to purchase a product, and evaluate the website usability, and customer service received.They also evaluate your social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, and contact forms and online customer support on your website.To determine the quality of service your company is offering, the evaluator analyse all aspects such as the quality and timing of the response, the kindness and education as well as the “tone” employed by the customer service representative. Can he solve the problem and keep to any promises made?Through this, we can identify possible failures and provide the necessary data so that the company can address the problems found. Covid-19 makes the online experience very important now.

 Online Customer Experience

One familiar complaint of many customers is that they never get answers to messages they have sent.Customer service leaves much to be desired, they do not solve the doubts that the client has posed thus it gives the negative image that the company cares not at all about their concerns and provides very little or no resolution.Ask yourself this, “Is it really how the user feels behind their screen?” Is the impression you generate through online contact favourable or needs improvement? What should we do?Through mystery online shopping you can see how the end customer’s experience is, when it comes to contacting the company through social networks, chats, and or contact forms.The level of efficiency in customer service and in the process of managing online business transactions is the crucial turning point of any business.How you value your customers which will influence their feedback is what makes your company have more or less benefits.

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