On-line Mystery Shopper definition

A Mystery Shopper is a secret visitor to a business website. Recording normal everyday reactions to a typical customer. The Mystery Shopper is hired by the business or an agency to report on the website, and to record every aspect of the customers experience.

Terms and Conditions

The business and Mystery Shopper agree the terms and conditions of the review. The budget, time scale, if items need to be purchased etc.

The main requirement is an active website, where all the content published can be accessed.

Online Mystery Shopping

 😡 Online Mystery Shopping is a technique used by owners, business managers and marketers to gauge what image their company is projecting to its customers through usability and performance, online support systems.

Types of Businesses

There is a website for almost every time of business. Broadly our Mystery Shopper will visit the main categories listed.

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Garages,
  • Supermarkets
  • Online retailers
  • Business websites of almost every type
  • No Pornographic sites permitted

Most businesses are in the range from single a person to mid-sized.

Mystery Shopper Prices

There is not fixed price, because every website is different and the information required is different.

From £20 upwards. Always by prior agreement.

List of typical reviews

Not necessary in this order

  • Website Address HTTP or HTTPS